12 November, 2011

Photos from Mozambique and South Africa

I went to Maputo, Mozambique for my job in March 2010 and also took a day trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa. I clearly haven't been on top of organizing and posting photos as it's been well over a year and a half since this trip. At some point I intend to write up some of the stories from this trip. They don't disappoint. I'll also post photos from Nigeria and Amsterdam at some point as well.

All of the pictures of animals are taken in an around the Kruger reserve. I hired a driver in Maputo to take me there, but after spending a couple of hours driving around the park he got tired and decided I should drive. No problem, except they drive on the left side of the road there. Straight line driving was not a problem but anytime I turned a corner I'd find myself on the right side of the road. The driver, who wasn't actually doing the driving at this point, thought it was hilarious.

I saw more animals than the ones in this album but I didn't have a telephoto lens so my pictures of cheetahs, leopards and hippos came out as nothing more than specs in the distance and weren't worth uploading. I'll never make the mistake of going somewhere like this again without multiple lenses. I also have almost no photos from Maputo itself because, as I found out, it's not exactly a safe place to walk around with a nice camera.

The full album with the rest of the pictures is here.

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