29 December, 2009


Back in the day this blog used to detail random aspects of my life. That hasn't happened for a while and a big update from late September went unreported. I adopted a ~1 year old female cat named Corby (after Schapelle Corby). I had really hoped for a friendly cat like Mumkin rather than one that would only appreciate me only for being the provider of food and otherwise ignore me. Corby is undoubtedly the friendliest and most loving cat I've encountered. She'll sidle up to me the moment I come in the door and loves nothing more than to lie next to someone and be petted.

Corby is always locked out of my bedroom at night because she won't hesitate to walk on my limp body at 3AM and then curl up right next to my face and purr like a god damn lawn mower. I just got back last night from a week long visit to Texas, and while Kevin and Katy had graciously agreed to take care of her in my absence, I thought she might be a little lonely from not having Dan or I around every day. I left my door open last night in the hopes that she'd appreciate being able to see me at home but resist her desire to wake me up repeatedly. This of course did not happen and I did not get an uninterrupted night's sleep. I think her cuteness makes up for it.

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