15 April, 2009

I've twittered 1000 times

I'm sure I'm not the first to say this but that sounds dirty. To celebrate my 1000th “tweet” I wanted to do something special. Failing to find anything special at all I’ve decided to write all the things I have wanted to post on Twitter since Monday night when I hit 999 tweets and thus began avoiding Twitter. This will also serve to annoy anyone who dislikes Twitter (and I do believe there are a few of you).
  • NU up 5-0 going into the bottom of the 9th!
  • Right behind home plate at Fenway Park. I’ll never get these seats again http://bit.ly/2OaTB
  • 5-2. As Ricky just said, “it’s not a Huskies game unless we blow it right at the end.”
  • 5-3. Do we have another pitcher? Anyone at all? I’d volunteer myself but I promised Patrick I wouldn’t set foot on the field tonight.
  • And that’s the game. Huskies win the baseball Beanpot 5-3
  • Apple, I dislike you quite a bit for waiting until 20 minutes before closing to call and making me run to Boylston Street.
  • Dan and Patrick are convinced that they’re going to get me drunk tonight. Not happening.
  • Patrick’s Mobile Bar & Grill makes some mean kamakazis.
  • Red Sox are down 6-1, they’re off to a rough start this season.
  • Ok, one more kamakazi. But that’s it.
  • 12:30AM. Kicked everyone out so I can go to sleep. I succeeded in not getting drunk.
  • 1:07AM. Why can’t I sleep?! I have to be up in less than 4 hours. Maybe I should have drank more.
  • 4:50AM Fuck it's early. Not enough sleep.
  • I just spaced out in the shower and wasn’t sure how much time had passed.
  • Everything is finally packed and I’m right on schedule. I’m sure I forgot something important though.
  • Forgot my laptop charger. God dammit, might be a few minutes late getting to the Zip Car.
  • Is the Prius supposed to be blue? I thought the website showed that it was silver.
  • @kevin_doyle and @kkobzeff are awesome for coming with me to the airport this early and driving the Zip Car back. Thanks so much guys!
  • The Virgin America counter is playing rock music and has neon purple lights. Wtf?
  • Almost left my keys at security.
  • When I get to LA I have to take a bus to the metro, metro to some station, metro link to Claremont. I think that’s the right order.
  • I’m trying hard not to laugh at this plane. Techno music, glossy white plastic, neon lights. Am I at a rave?
  • Oren described their planes as “an 80s coke dream.” Pretty accurate. Now go vote for his video!
  • There’s a guy on this flight with pigtails, a Willy Wonka top hat, blazer and red cowboy boots.
  • $12.95 for wifi? No thanks, I plan to sleep for most of the flight. Guess I’ll post this 1000th tweet blog when I get to my grandfather’s house.
  • I always drink tomato juice without ice on flights. I should have had them give me the whole can.
  • The guy next to me keeps adjusting his sleeping girlfriend’s head. Creepy.
  • Hope he didn’t just see me type that.
  • Why does Virgin charge $8 for a movie that’s still in theaters and $8 for a movie that’s been out on DVD for two months?
  • The LA Metro is... interesting.
  • Finished The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. Didn’t like the epilogue type ending but other than that it was fantastic.
  • This girl on the train keeps staring at me. I don’t know if she’s checking me out or if I have something on my face.
  • In Claremont! Amazing weather. No wireless internet. Will post this tomorrow.
For those that don’t follow me on Twitter I wouldn’t have actually posted all of these. I’m not that obsessed with it. And if you suffered through this and hate me a little bit more then you can blame @mckennalowry for convincing me to get a Twitter account and @kevin_doyle for getting me to start using it after a long hiatus, during which I frequently talked about how stupid and worthless it was.


  1. Haha.. That was cute

  2. I am starting to agree that Twitter is stupid and useless