09 April, 2009

Conversations in my head. And new blog features!

It's day 1 of my 19 days without work and I've managed to prevent myself from needlessly spending money, but just barely. I decided to check and see if any bands I like are going to be playing in the LA area while I'm there. Turns out TV On the Radio will be playing in Pomona the day I arrive. Cool. Then I noticed that Silversun Pickups are playing TWO DAYS BEFORE I GET THERE. If you've played Guitar Hero with me in the last two weeks then you know that they're one of my favorite bands. I was so psyched to see one of their songs on Guitar Hero so you can imagine how excited I was at the possibility of seeing them. Of course there was still the small problem of my arrival date being after the concert.

I checked online with Virgin America and a flight out of Boston on the 12th was actually $50 cheaper than the flight I had picked. When I tried to change the flight the website happily informed me that I would owe $89. I immediately regretted passing over the $12 travelers insurance which would have let me change or cancel my flight at no charge. Next step was to call the airline. I had been able to change my flight with American once by simply lying and saying that a family member was having surgery. Virgin is smarter than that though. I would have to pay the fee and then fax them a letter saying why I deserve to have the money returned.

I spent the next half hour going back and forth in my head on what to do. While listening to Silversun Pickups.
'Spend $100 and get to see one of my favorite bands perform!'
'I don't really have $100 to spare...'
'But you love this band! You haven't had a chance to see them before and they don't have an East coast tour planned!'
'But... I kind of need the money. You know, for food. To live.'
Singing: 'I've been waiting for this moment allllllll my life'
'Dammit. Ok. I'm going to change my flight. But how much are the concert tickets? If it's more than $35 then I'm not going.'
'It's just $22.50! That's such a bargain.'
'But that ends up being $35 with the stupid ticketmaster fees. And I'll probably buy a shirt for another $20'
'Don't buy the shirt! Just change the flight and buy a ticket to the concert.'
'Can I even get tickets to the concert? What if it's sold out?'

It was sold out. I almost paid $100 to change my flight to go to a concert that was sold out. These conversations with myself are not a sign of insanity and as you can see it actually prevented me from needlessly spending money. Crisis averted.

I also took some time today to change the blog. coming or leaving now has some awesome new features, like a banner! and email subscriptions! Things that almost every blog has actually. We're finally getting with the times. For those who don't use an RSS reader like Google Reader, you can now enter your email into the box in the top right and each new post will be sent to your inbox, just like magic. No matter how desperate I get for money, I will never sell your email to spammers. (Besides, I think everyone who wants a bigger penis has probably already bought the pills the spammers advertise. Seriously, you guys have sent out millions of emails about penis enlargement products, several hundred of which have gone to me, but for some reason you think that sending out just one more will really change my mind? Just fucking quit already.) I've also copied Kevin and Katy by adding another sidebar and my Twitter feed, just in case you aren't on Twitter and really want to stalk me. I'll probably replace that with penis enlargement ads soon.

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