12 April, 2009

Another reason to love bourbon

Back in January I wrote that my cousin Oren was in the running to win $25,000 for a commercial he made for Doritos. He ended up winning the money and a trip to the SuperBowl but lost out on the grand prize of having his commercial air during the SuperBowl. He's got a new video for Jim Beam and once again he's a finalist. You can view it and vote at http://jimbeam.com/thefinalists.aspx

You have to register to vote and you which sucks but you can vote once a day. If all of you vote and help Oren win he will personally deliver a bottle of premium Jim Beam bourbon to your door step.* You can see more of Oren's videos at http://orenbrimer.com/ or on YouTube. And just for the hell of it, a picture of me and Oren after surfing in Cerritos, Mexico. Just to prove that I know him since he'll be famous soon.

*This promise is not endorsed or guaranteed by Oren Brimer

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