05 March, 2009

Life at Mumkin's home

I showed up at Kevin and Katy's apartment last Friday afternoon with the keys they had given me and some food from my apartment. I pulled out the key with the building number on it and pushed it into the lock. It went halfway in and stopped. I took out the apartment key thinking they had been labeled wrong but that wouldn't work either. I spent the next several minutes forcing the building key in and out of the lock but I was unable to get it to go all the way in. Naturally panic soon set in. I pictured Mumkin alone and slowly starving as I tried to convince the landlord to let me into an apartment that wasn't mine, before finally giving up and throwing a brick through the sliding glass door on the back patio. Fortunately I did finally get the key in and the door opened, although it took another minute of struggling to pull the key out of the lock. The key has since worn down some and is much easier to use now.

I didn't have internet access here that first weekend because Verizon sucks. The modem had gone out the previous Monday and they were unable to send anyone until this Monday. Having now dealt with Time Warner, Comcast and Verizon customer service I think I can fairly say that the US just doesn't have a decent internet service provider. When it started snowing on Sunday and schools preemptively closed for Monday I worried that the Verizon technician wouldn't show up as planned. I called Monday morning to ask if they had an estimate of when someone would show up and I was told "sometime between 8AM and 7PM." The guy showed up around 4:30 and had the connection back up and working in under 20 minutes. He explained that Verizon had tried to push a firmware update to all of this model of modems and in doing so had fried every single one. He had done nothing for the past week except replace the dead modems. I have a feeling somebody lost their job over that mistake.

It's a little odd staying in someone else's apartment for an extended period of time. For one thing, I'm completely disconnected with what's going on in my own apartment. Of course that's not a big deal at all since usually there is nothing going on. When I stopped by there after leaving the gym today I found construction going on the kitchen. The fridge had been pushed back, a cabinet was gone and the walls were ripped out. Mr. Pizzi, my elderly landlord was standing on a ladder messing with some exposed piping. I didn't want to risk startling him by saying hello and cause him to fall off the ladder so I ignored whatever was going on, stepped over a toolbox and grabbed some clean clothes from my room before leaving. I later found out that a pipe burst and that they've been in our apartment fixing it for several days. Seems like a good time to be staying somewhere else.

It's also strange not to have someone to talk to at all times. At least one of my roommates is always home and we do quite a bit of shouting, arguing and making fun of one another in the evenings. In their absence I find myself talking aloud to Mumkin quite frequently. I don't think she minds but she probably thinks I'm crazy.

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  1. It's ok, Kevin & I both talk to Mumkin...even when we could talk to each other instead. As a result, she responds to Arabic, Spanish, Italian, French and Nonsensical Mumblings.