04 March, 2009

I need a Mumkin

I am currently living Katy and Kevin's Boston life. While they are in Egypt I am staying in their apartment, playing with their cat Mumkin, eating their food and sleeping in their bed. I've decided that I quite like their life, especially the cat part, and I don't plan on giving it up anytime soon. I drove Katy to pick up Mumkin from the rescue organization back in October but she never really warmed up to me. Whenever I was at their apartment she would occasionally let me pet her briefly before scampering off into a corner.

Last Friday when Katy and Kevin left Mumkin was just as shy as ever. Anytime I got close to her she'd let out a squeek and run into the bedroom to hide under the bed. I don't think she was used to the prolonged absence of humans during the day though and by Saturday she would greet me at the door and follow me around the apartment. On Sunday she began jumping into my lap almost every time I sat down.

I had been warned not to leave her toys out at night or I'd be woken up as she batted bottle caps around the apartment. I failed to heed this advice the first night and sorely regretted my mistake. I began picking up the bottlecaps, fake mouse and other assorted toys and placing them on the desk at night. This worked well until sometime early this morning when she decided to jump up on the desk and take back her belongings. I'll have to find a more secure place for them in the future. Mumkin has also decided she likes the taste of my toes, particularly around 5AM. Her sharp little kitten teeth woke me up my first morning here. My foot had been sticking out from under the blanket and Mumkin must have thought my toes looked like a good breakfast. Today she jumped up onto the bed and crawled all the way under the comforter until she found my feet. I scooped her up and tried to snuggle with her but she jumped off the bed and went to play with a bottlecap.

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  1. I need a Mumkin! Didn't I read something about you having taken more photos of her? Please post!