17 March, 2009

Goodbye Mumkin

Here ends my series of posts about Mumkin. My time with her ended Saturday when Kevin got home but I wanted to share some of the things I had observed and typed up about her over the past two weeks.
  • Mumkin has very sharp teeth which she uses to wake me up in the mornings. Today, for instance, she jumped onto the bed and wanted to snuggle up next to me. I wanted to sleep. She decided to bite my elbow. I woke up and Mumkin achieved the desired effect. Next time I hope she bites my titanium elbow. We'll see how she likes that.
  • Mumkin occasionally drinks out of the toilet and I don't know why. There's water in her water bowl which I change out regularly. The first time I saw her standing on the toilet seat I was amused. The second time I ran and grabbed my camera to take a quick picture. The third time I discovered her real reason and then immediately regretted rubbing her face up against mine earlier.
  • Mumkin does not pose for pictures. Katy has taken so many great shots of Mumkin that I assumed she must just love having her picture taken. She does not. Surprisingly enough, Mumkin exhibits no signs at all that she understands what I'm doing when I approach her with my camera. She will either ignore me entirely or begin to make sudden movements to insure that every shot comes out blurry.
  • Mumkin does not meow yet she is not a silent cat. She is very vocal and emits various peeps, squeaks and squawks and sounds more like a bird than a cat. I occasionally wasn't sure if the noise I just heard was Mumkin or Tweetdeck.
  • Mumkin spots intruders. Before leaving for work one day I heard Mumkin making a weird noise instead of her usual bird sounds. I looked out the back door and a man was in the process of jumping over the fence. We looked right at each other before he pushed himself the rest of the way over and out of sight. I'm convinced Mumkin would have attacked him had there not been a door in her way.
  • Mumkin must have a secret stash of bottle caps. She had one or two when I arrived but those disappeared. Purely in the interest of keeping her entertained I bought beer a few times. I didn't give her every bottle cap but definitely more than a couple and yet they'd always disappear. When Kevin and Katy move out they will find a treasure trove hidden somewhere.
  • Mumkin is a "shadow cat." My dog Wigglesworth used to follow us from room to room and we called him a shadow dog. Mumkin does the same thing, although if you turn around and look at her when she's following you she will promptly squawk and run away to hide under the table or desk.

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  1. She tries to attack me when I take pictures of her. She'd scratch up my lenses if I let her! I can't wait for her to squawk at me in the morning again.... I love that she bit your elbow. Sorry about that...

    I love the pictures!