18 February, 2009

President's Day outing

On Monday I went with a few friends to Flour Bakery and Cafe in the afternoon. It was a really tiny place and all the tables were taken up but we opted to wait for one to open up anyway. I ordered an espresso and an orange and chocolate muffin. The espresso was great until I got a mouthful of coffee grounds with the last sip. The muffin was decent but nothing special. We all tried each other's food and I really liked the berry cake. This week is "February break" for Boston and Brookline schools meaning that I have an unneeded break from work. There will probably be at least one more 'outing' post before work resumes next week.


  1. The berry ones reminds me of my raspberry pastry from that Belgian bakery I frequented. :(

  2. My studio apartment in the South End was half a block from Flour and I'd always get the raspberry seltzer and the brownies. Sandwiches are excellent there as well.

  3. Us New Englanders do not say "break" in elementary - high school, we say "vacation". So it would be February Vacation.