23 February, 2009

More job search updates

Last week Northeastern hosted a "Careers in Government Information Forum" which I thought would be worth attending. I put my suit on for the first time since being in Geneva and walked across Huntington to the student center. This wasn't a job fair but more of a speed-dating type of thing with different government agencies. When the doors first opened everyone rushed the State Department, Health and Human Services, Defense, CIA, etc. I got stuck choosing between the Transportation Security Administration and the Massachusetts Parole Board. I chose TSA and for 20 minutes got to hear about the wonderful career opportunities at Boston's Logan International Airport where I could work as a TSA screener for $14.34/hr. No thanks. After 20 minutes someone rang a bell and everyone scrambled for another table. I pushed my way over towards the State Department but it was already full. I managed to grab a seat at Health and Human Services which I thought would be interesting at least. It was not.

The people from HHS were only from the Office of Inspector General within the department. They were federal agents who do personal protection for the Secretary of the department as well as investigations. It had absolutely nothing to do with health care or policy. Another 20 minutes wasted. I was right next to the State Department table though and grabbed a seat after the next bell. The woman from State was a former Foreign Service Officer but the only thing she had to say was "take the Foreign Service test!" which was something I had already planned on doing. I did find out that she'll give a practice oral exam sometime before the next test which should be useful. I planned on bailing after State but when the bell rang there was an open seat at the CIA table so I sat down there. The three recruiters were all women who kept alluding to the fact that they had all done really awesome and secretive James Bond style things. The underclassmen at the table were fascinated.

The whole event was pretty worthless. It was mostly for younger students who wanted to know what the different options were for government careers. If you didn't already know that the Foreign Services test existed or that the CIA does a very in depth background check then it was probably worthwhile. Tomorrow there is a non-profit job fair over at BU that I'll be attending. It's an actual job fair as opposed to an 'information forum' so I'll bring copies of my resume and if nothing else I should get some ideas for places to apply.

The search for a second part-time job has been fruitless and discouraging. I had hoped to be self-sufficient by this point but $156 per week doesn't exactly cover my rent. Most of my job search activities had been focused on part-time jobs in Boston instead of a real job. My mom graciously suggested that I give up on that and use my time to search for and apply to real jobs. She'll continue to pay my rent in the meantime while I pay for all other expenses (thanks mom!). I have promised to be more vigilant in my searching since I've been slacking for the last few weeks.

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