09 January, 2009

Why you should watch the Super Bowl

I'm not a fan of football but I usually try to watch the Super Bowl. Most of the time I couldn't care less who wins (last year being an exception because it would have been cool for the Patriots to win every single game) but it's a fun thing to do with people and the commercials are usually really funny. There's an added reason for me, and thus for you to watch the Super Bowl this year: my cousin Oren might have a commercial that he made air during it. While we were in Mexico Oren found out he's one of five finalists in a Doritos competition to make a commercial. He won $25,000 and box seats to the Super Bowl, including airfare and a hotel. His commercial is really good and it would be awesome if he won. You can help by going to http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com/#/gallery/ and voting for his video titled "New Flavor Pitch." Oren isn't in the commercial but he wrote, edited and directed it. In order to vote you have to register, which I know is a pain in the ass but then you can vote once a day and help be a part of Super Bowl history! Or something like that.

You can see more of Oren's videos at http://orenbrimer.com/ or on YouTube.

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