26 January, 2009

They can take my gym and they can take my hockey, but they'll never take my dignity

Just as I had feared, my Husky card no longer grants me access to the games. I handed the guy at the table my card and as he swiped it a big "INACTIVE PATRON" flashed on the screen. He cleared the message and moved to swipe it again. I hoped he would chalk it up to a bad card and let me in anyway but that didn't happen. I was told I would have to get in line to purchase a ticket. That definitely wasn't happening. Dan was behind me in line and we both walked back out into the cold and went around to the zamboni entrance. My friend Kathryn frequently walks past the ticket collectors at this entrance by saying she's just dropping off something for her boyfriend who works there. I tried to avoid the lines once by walking in that way and it hadn't worked but Dan and I didn't have a choice. Right as we got around to the back entrance the pep-band showed up. We immersed ourselves among the band and walked right in. Success!

I was also able to go to the gym this morning using my roommate's ID card. Leaving the gym was a bit nerve racking though. The same girl works the desk every morning and so I see her quite often. She always smiles at me and I wasn't sure if that's because she recognizes me or if she's just nice and smiles at everyone. I walked up and she retrieved my ID card and glanced down at it. There was a pause where she looked at me and said, tentatively, "Jeremy?" I nodded and accepted the card with a smile.

I brought my camera to the hockey game last Saturday against Vermont so these are some of the pictures I took. Unfortunately there were some very tall people standing in front of us and I had to constantly lean from one side to the other in order to even keep track of the game, much less take decent pictures. Half of them have somebody's head or shoulder in the frame.

John, Kathryn's boyfriend who really does work at Matthews Arena


  1. Bring your clarinet next time, so you don't have to wait around for the band!

  2. Did it ever occur to you that maybe Jeremy has friends, and one or two of those friends work at Marino?

  3. I played trombone, not clarinet, thank you very much MK. And Kevin, not to be a dick because I love Jeremy so very much, but please remember what Dan said at the hockey game in response to your question of whether or not Jeremy has friends: "yeah, you're looking at them!"

  4. Thank god. Trombone is so much manlier.