28 January, 2009

Snow day

Today was my first ever snow day. In Texas we had a decent number of ice days because Texans sure as hell can't drive if there's even the slightest sign of ice on the roads. Last night I was constantly refreshing Boston news sites to see if schools would be closed for the impending winter storm. Boston Public was one of the first to announce their closure but Brookline remained stubborn until early this morning when they finally called it quits. No kids at school means no kids at the after school program means no work for me. This made me quite happy but it does suck in that it means less money. Last week was a two day week for me because of Martin Luther King Day and this week has turned into the same. What's really worrisome is that I haven't yet been paid since coming back to work in 2009. I was supposed to receive a paycheck last Wednesday only to be told that it had been misplaced. My boss and the secretary searched for it before deciding that they must have accidentally mailed it to me. It hadn't arrived by Monday so I let them know. Supposedly next week's check will be for all of the hours I've worked since coming back but I have my doubts.

When I first started working at the synagogue in October it took 4 or 5 weeks to receive my first check. I was annoyed but I understood that getting the finance people to put me on payroll and everything takes time. Besides, my boss seemed to be doing everything she could to follow up on whatever it was that was holding up my paycheck. I can't afford to wait a few weeks to get paid this time. My money is dwindling and despite applying to around 20 or so part-time jobs I have yet to hear back from any.

I wanted to include a couple of photos of the snow in the park by my apartment but the weather has shifted to frozen rain and I don't think taking my camera, or myself, out in that kind of weather is a good idea.

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