14 January, 2009

Job search: two for the price of one!

Despite the not so optimistic news I received from Career Services and my realization that I had to really get my ass in gear to find a job, I wasn't too worried. I had a part time job 5 days a week and 3 months in which convince someone to give me a real job. I had a nice, calm feeling about everything. That beautiful feeling was replaced today with a more frantic "oh shit, I'm screwed" mindset as I realized that I don't have a job 5 days a week. There was some miscommunication between my boss and I about the work schedule and I'm only needed 3 days a week. This is not nearly enough work to sustain me for 3 months. I fought the initial panic by slowly peeling and eating an orange. That kept me busy for all of 5 minutes before I began to freak out again. One mug of coffee later and I'm feeling a little better. As of today I'll be looking for a part time job in Boston as well as a real job. At least I have two extra days each week for job hunting, right?

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