15 January, 2009

Having applied for my first real job, I question my decision to blog about the process

I got an email from Diane at Career Services today saying that my revised resume was great so I submitted it and the cover letter for the job that I had found last week. MK had commented on how exciting job hunting is but I hadn't felt that way until I applied for this first job. I'm really interested in this job so I'm anxious to hear back about it. Judging by Diane's 3-4 month estimate I probably won't get it but it's exciting nonetheless. Now that I've gotten some feedback on my resume and cover letter things will speed up. I won't be contacting career services to get their opinion on things before I apply for jobs so hopefully I'll meet that goal of 5 per week.

I don't know how much I'll blog about the job hunting process as it goes forward. I'd like to be open and write everything I'm thinking about each job but it's far too easy to google my name and find this. I know somebody who had a job offer revoked after writing on her blog that she didn't actually want to work for the company. She was, of course, an idiot but I'd like to avoid her mistakes. I need to find a good balance between honesty and privacy in blogging.

The part-time job search began yesterday as I browsed craigslist for restaurant and office jobs around my area. I found a good mix of things and I'll start applying for those today and tomorrow. In other Boston news, it's ridiculously cold and I keep forgetting my scarf when I go out. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as cold. Northeastern hockey is playing Vermont tomorrow night so I will be there along with some friends to cheer on the Huskies and taunt the other team's goalie. The crowd can get pretty abusive at times.

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  1. I'm with MK on being excited about the job hunt.