15 January, 2009

for your consideration: A letter from my upstairs neighbor

The following note was slid under the door to our apartment late last Friday night.

We were all very surprised to receive this. Josh came by during our Halloween party and requested the music to be turned down. I believe he also came by during Nick's cast-party after the musical in December but I wasn't there for that. The only other party we had was our house-warming party, in which we had 1 keg, 70+ partygoers, including one who handed out business cards that listed his profession as "superhero and crime fighter," 1 flooded bathroom and 3 police officers. All three of these parties were incredibly raucous and if I had been trying to sleep through any of those I would have been pretty pissed. What astounded us in Josh's letter was his claim of having been kept up or woken up "almost 20 times." None of us ever play loud music and we rarely have people over. What really annoys me is that I'm quite sure Josh is the asshole who plays French horn right above me for hours at a time on weekend mornings. He may be a musician but he goes to New England Conservatory and they have practice rooms available so that people don't piss off their neighbors.

As for his proposal, all of us in apartment 15 are quite happy as is, so any agreement would in effect compromise our happiness. If we had actually played loud music more than 3 times during the fall semester I would feel bad about receiving this letter and definitely come to an arrangement with him. I don't doubt that he's been kept up by music but it wasn't from our apartment. I plan on drafting a reply to him soon since it's not like I have anything more important to be doing. Like looking for a job or something

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  1. I don't know why apologized in advance...I liked his handwriting.