23 January, 2009

The boredom sets in

I haven't written lately owing to the fact that there is absolutely nothing new to report in my life. The "real job" search has been put on the back-burner temporarily while I frantically search for a second part time job to help me pay the bills. I work at the synagogue Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which gives me the rest of the week to apply for other jobs and also sit at home being bored. The lack of money means that my only outside form of entertainment have been the weekly Northeastern hockey games which are free for students. Another free benefit of being a Northeastern student is access to the Marino Center which is the on-campus gym. I live right down the street from it and it has been one of the few things helping me to relieve stress and maintain my sanity over these last few weeks. I try and go every day to ride the stationary bike and lift weights. It's nice to have a routine other than work and I've really enjoyed going there.

I knew it was only a matter of time until my gym access was revoked since I'm no longer a student but I didn't expect that time to come today. I was under the impression that you had two months of free access after graduating. Dan, my roommate and fellow NU graduate had first told me we had 4 months of access to Marino before refuting this and saying that we would lose our gym privileges any day. I didn't believe him either time.

My day yesterday was like any other day that I don't have work: I went to the gym, applied for some jobs and generally did nothing. When I walked into Marino this morning I handed the girl my Husky ID card like usual only to have the computer give an error when she swiped it. She swiped it again and got another error. I've had this happen before with my old card which was falling apart and sometimes they would just let you go in anyway. Unfortunately this girl's supervisor happened to be standing nearby. She came over and tried to swipe the card herself to the same effect. "Are you currently a student here?" she asked. "Uh... yeah." I figured my best bet was to lie and hope she had no way of checking my status. "Full-time or part-time?" "Full-time," I said. "Are you enrolled in classes this semester?" she asked. "Yeah..." She took my card into the back where apparently they do have a way of checking my status as a student. When she came back she said the computer showed that I had recently graduated. I tried to explain that I thought I had two months afterwards in which to use the gym. She kindly offered to let me use the gym for the great alumni rate of $12 per day or $135 for three months. I can't afford to see a movie, much less shell out that kind of money to a school which has already taken so much from me. My new plan is to permanently borrow my roommate Jeremy's Husky ID since he's still a student. As he's told me many times before, "I would not go to the gym unless somebody paid me an insane amount of money."

In mentioning the hockey games earlier it suddenly occurred to me that I might no longer be allowed into those for free either, as they swipe your Husky card before giving you a ticket. Katy was able to get a free ticket in the fall and she graduated last spring so hopefully that wasn't a fluke. If I can't even go to a hockey game once a week I might as well just dig a hole in the snow and crawl inside of it. We'll find out on Saturday night.

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