05 January, 2009

At least I didn't break my arm

Getting hit in the nose by the surfboard was the most painful thing I had experienced in quite a while. Once the blood stopped pouring out of my nose I went and got my camera and took a picture.
There's a nasty cut at the base of my right nostril but other than that I didn't think anything was wrong with my nose. At the time I was a little concerned about my teeth. I wasn't sure where exactly the board hit me and my top teeth hurt a bit. I was also spitting up blood, although I think that was probably just blood that had drained down my throat from my nose. Gross, I know. The cut was still leaking blood late in the afternoon I got back to the hotel in Cabo. My mom was concerned that I had a deviated septum but nobody, myself included thought that my nose was broken. It hurt to smile but that was just from the torn skin at the base of my nose. Blowing my nose was incredibly painful but I just tried to refrain from doing that.

The day after we got back from Mexico I woke up and tried to blow my nose and the pain had gotten worse so I made a doctor's appointment. The doctor took one look at it and told me it was broken. It was only slightly swollen and it doesn't look crooked to me so it's only a small fracture. I always have bad allergies at this time of year though so that posed a problem. I got a bunch of sample allergy medications to try out and some nasal sprays. They've helped for the most part but I still have to deal with the pain of trying to blow my nose a couple times a day. Earlier this afternoon I blew my nose and a few minutes later blood started dripping out of it so that's a lot of fun to deal with.