20 December, 2008

Leave of absence

I know that I just started this but it's time for a leave of absence. And by that I mean I'm leaving tomorrow for Cabo San Lucas. I fully intend to write about the trip when I get back but I'm not going to bring my laptop. It's new and I'm paranoid about something happening to it. I doubt I'll be hanging around the hotel much anyway and I'm not even sure if there's wifi. I am going armed with my iPhone and my new camera though so hopefully I'll be able to take some cool photos and stay at least partially in touch with the world. I'm so dependent on my iPhone that I'm sure it will be weird not to use the data services on it whenever I please. I'll be disabling push email and data roaming so as not to rack up a $700 phone bill like my friend did in Italy.

Unfortunately I won't have any new music to listen to on the trip. Packing at the last minute after staying up late drinking didn't work out so well. I forgot the charger to my old laptop and it won't turn on without it. I hadn't transfered any of my music to the new mac or synced my phone with it yet. I downloaded a few albums today but if I try and snyc my phone with this computer it will have to erase all of my old music. I guess the new Andrew Bird album I've been dying to listen to will have to wait until I get back. I do have a new book to read though. I bought The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga at Border's today. Hopefully I'll enjoy it more than the New York Times reviewer did.

The itinerary of the trip, as set by my ridiculously organized uncle:

  1. Saturday 12/20:

i. Gaye, Daniel & Emily land at 1:40 PM

ii. Benny & Adrienne land 2pm

iii. Sharon lands at 5:50PM

iv. We have a van reservation with Budget

v. Will be staying in Los-Patios hotel

    1. Sunday 12/21: Oren lands 12:07 PM
      Driving to La-Paz and staying in hotel La Concha
    2. Monday 12/22: weather permitting, taking a boat day trip to snorkel with sea lions & kayaking
    3. Tuesday 12/23: driving to the west coast to Magdalena Bay to try to see the Gray Whales from close-up. Planning to stay in a small fishing village if they have rooms; if not: in nearby town.
    4. Wednesday 12/24 –: Driving to Todo-Santos (where Hotel California is) for lunch, and continuing to Cabo to the same hotel we’ve stayed the 1st night.
    5. Thursday 12/25 -> Sat 12/27: Beaches, city, snorkeling, surfing, diving, food, rest,
    6. Sunday 12/28 going home

Should be a good time. See y'all on the 28th.

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