30 December, 2008

Back in Texas

Returning home after a vacation always sucks. For one, I usually leave my room a horrendous mess and that's never fun to come back to. The fact that I always wait until the last minute to pack only makes the mess worse. Since I hadn't been home for more than a few days before leaving for Mexico I actually didn't have time to trash my room. I know that my room in Boston is a huge disaster though so that will be fun to go back to.

I woke up on Monday morning around 8:30 and was slightly confused as to where I was. I actually enjoy those few moments of being disoriented when you wake up in a new place. I experienced that the first night in Cabo as well. I was lying in bed debating whether to get up or go back to sleep when I heard the sound of my dog, Berkeley chasing the cat. That settled it. I got up and walked out of the room only to have the 65 pound overexcited golden retriever jump up on me and leave bright red scratches on my bare chest from his nails. My mom had picked him and our cat, Skip up that morning from the kennel. She said Berkeley didn't want to leave the cage (it's really more like a room) at first which was weird. I feel so bad leaving him there when we travel but we don't have another option. After he settled down I went into the kitchen to get breakfast. That's the second shitty thing about coming back from vacation: you return to a bare pantry and fridge. I settled for a piece of chocolate cake that Bin had given us before we left.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent in my new pajama pants my grandmother had given me for Christmas while catching up on blogs, news and various emails I had missed. It's remarkable that my grandmother actually gave me clothes that I want to wear this year. Normally everything she gives me gets donated to Good Will. My main gift from them, which was also my graduation present was my new Canon Digital Rebel XSi. Usually they'll give me some fairly large gift that I have no use for. Last year I got a new mattress for my bed in Texas. This might have actually been my birthday present rather than Christmas but it was still ridiculous. I was going to be living at home for two months in the summer of 2008 and that was it. A mattress was not exactly something I needed.

After getting mostly caught up with what I had missed out on the internet I had a few things to deal with. I had ordered a laptop case from Best Buy on December 2nd. It was going to be shipped to my apartment in Boston and should have arrived before December 12. A few days after ordering it I got an email from them saying it was backordered and wouldn't be delivered as scheduled. I called and had them change the shipping address to my mom's house so that it would arrive while I was home. While in Mexico I got another email from them saying the case had been discontinued and that they were offering me another case at the same price. I had to call to confirm I wanted the new case or they would cancel my order. I was annoyed by the fact that after almost a month I still didn't have the case, although not too annoyed since it had been a really good deal. I called Best Buy customer service and explained to the woman that I would like the new case. I casually mentioned that I had been waiting for almost a month and that it would be very generous of them to offer me free overnight or two-day shipping to make up for the delay. Click. She hung up on me. It's entirely possible that there was some kind of connection problem but I doubt it. I assume the woman worked at a large call center where the sophisticated phone technology shouldn't randomly fail. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor to avoid any further mishaps. I was placed on hold for 25 minutes before being transfered to someone who was not only a supervisor but not even in the correct department. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he promised to connect me to the correct supervisor. Instead, I ended up back at the lower level customer support for the website. After 50 minutes on the damn phone with Best Buy they finally placed the order for the new case with free express shipping.

Next up on my company hit-list was Continental Airlines. When I had flown home for Thanksgiving they had charged me for checking a suitcase. The woman swiped my credit card and handed it back. "I'm sorry sir, the computers have been down most of the morning. Could I swipe your card again?" she had said. I handed her my credit card again. Upon looking at my credit card statement yesterday I discovered that they had charged me twice for my suitcase. Calling Continental just got me a recorded message saying that any unauthorized charges had to be dealt with through the credit card company. Another call and another 30 minutes on hold got that taken care of.

The rest of the day was spent dealing with other things I needed to take care of. I had to schedule a doctor's appointment (more on this later), send my rent check overnight since I forgot to mail it before I left, ship a book that had sold on half.com and help my mom deal with probating my dad's will. I finally had some downtime in the evening last night and I really have nothing to do from now until January 6th when I head back to Boston. I'll write a few posts about the trip in the next couple of days and upload pictures as well. For now I'm going to make the spicy roasted vegetable soup that Katy made a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. I'm nervous for Kitty Mumkins when Kevin & I are in Egypt. I've thought of putting her in a kennel then too. And phone calls to large companies suck. I've done my fair share the last couple months and have spent many hours on hold cursing the "specialization" of customer service. Why can't one person, the person initially answering the phone, do it all?

    Good luck on the soup. Don't put more than one chipotle chili in it!